Vuxenutbildningscentrum - Center for Adult education

Vuxenutbildningscentrum (Center for Adult education) is responsible for all information and admission to adult education in Stockholm City.

How we can help you

Center of Adult education primarily helps in showing you routes to study options. Center of Adult education helps you through study and vocational guidance. This means that you talk to one of our study advisers about educational and vocational options. The aim of study and vocational guidance is to provide you with the prerequisites to enter the Swedish educational system.

We assist with, for example, information about studies and financial study support, programs and qualification requirements.

Chat with study advisor

Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10.00–11.00, 13.00–14.00
Chat with a study advisor before your komvux or sfi studies. Ask questions about the application via email or telephone.

Questions on application or ongoing studies

We can usually help you without you having to visit us. If you email us, describe your case clearly. If your case is personal, please write your social security number and phone number and we can help you faster.

Contact about sfi

Phone hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 09.00–11.00
Telephone 08-508 35 400
Email form
Email form Apply to sfi

Contact a Study and Career Counsellor

Phone hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 09.00–11.00
No phone hours September 14.
Telephone 08-508 35 400

Where to find us

You will find us at Rosenlundsgatan 52, a few minutes from Södra station's commuter train station and bus stop.