Register for sfi

Apply for sfi by calling Vuxenutbildningscentrum.

You can register to sfi by calling Vuxenutbildningscentrum.

Apply online

If you have a university background and you are a beginner of Swedish language, you are also welcome to apply online. If you have previous knowledge of Swedish, you must visit Vuxenutbildningscentrum for a level test for a placement in the right course.

In order to apply online, the following criteria must be met:

  • You have a complete personal identity number (personnummer)
  • You are registered in the municipality of Stockholm (Stockholms kommun)
  • You are a complete beginner of Swedish language (please pay a personal visit to our center if you have some basic knowledge of the Swedish language)
  • You have lived in Sweden for less than 3 years
  • You have acquired university studies
  • You can start your studies within 2–4 weeks (if not please apply later)

If you have studied in Stockholm previously and taken a break of less than six months, you can re-enrol by contacting your school. If you have been away for more than six months, you should contact the Vuxenutbildningscentrum (Adult Education Center).

Changing schools

If you want to change schools, you can do this between courses. Call Vuxenutbildningscentrum (Adult Education Center).

Studying in another municipality

If you are registered as living in Stockholm but need to study in another municipality, you must send a letter to the Vuxenutbildningscentrum (Adult Education Center) with the application from the municipality in which you want to study. You must also explain why you want to study in another municipality.

If you are registered in another municipality, but want to study in Stockholm City, you must send an application to the municipality where you live. You will find the form for this at the bottom of the page.