SFI/Swedish with vocational training - kombinationsutbildning

Learn Swedish and a vocation by taking a kombinationsutbildning, a vocational educational programme. You’ll learn Swedish while gaining a vocational qualification at upper secondary school level. You’ll get practical experience, and you have a good chance of getting a job after the educational programme.

Who can take this vocational educational programme?

If you’re studying at 2C or 2D level (study path 2, course C or D), you can apply for SFI with vocational training - also known as a kombinationsutbildning. There are also some programmes available if you have completed course D.

The schools only take a limited number of students, so we carry out a selection. Among other things, eligible applicants will be invited to an interview.

Programme content

On the programme, you’ll learn Swedish adapted to the language used in the vocation you’re studying for. Your Swedish studies are integrated with vocational courses.

The programme includes practical training known as workplace-based learning (APL). During your practical training, a supervisor will assist you at the location where the practical training takes place. You’ll have the same working hours as your supervisor. This means that you may need to start early in the morning or work evenings and weekends.

Programme duration and pace of study

A kombinationsutbildning is a full-time course that takes place during the day. The duration of the programme depends on the vocation you’re studying for. You’ll study for 30 hours a week at the school. You’ll also be required to do course work at home every week.

Your schedule will be announced when the programme starts. The course is very intensive and it’s important that you attend the lessons every day.

Current programmes

You can find information about current vocational educational programmes in Swedish language.