Swedish for immigrants

Swedish for immigrants, sfi, is a beginners' course in Swedish. The aim of the course is to continue studying or to improve your chances of finding a job.

Good to know about sfi

  • You must be registered in the municipality of Stockholm. Otherwise you need to contact the Adult Education in your municipality.
  • You must have a residence permit and you must be at least 16 years old. 
  • You should have received your Swedish personal identity number.  

EU/EEA Citizens or Citizens of Switzerland

If you are an EU/EEA citizen or citizen of Switzerland and a resident in Stockholm municipality you can study sfi. Be prepared to show your passport. 

Most of the schools offer lessons for both day and evening hours. The daytime courses are Monday-Friday, 20 hours a week. While evening courses are about 2-3 times a week, approximately 6-9 hours a week. If you have specific reasons, you might be given a customised timetable. 

Sfi courses are available at multiple study paths and levels. The path and level you should join is determined by an Education Officer at Vuxenutbildningscentrum, depending on your educational background and your future plans.

There are many kinds of sfi courses designed to suit your particular needs.

  • Study path 1 - Course A, B, C and D 
  • Study path 2 - Course B, C and D 
  • Study path 3 - Course C and D

You can read more about the various study paths and courses at  the website of Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education).

The duration of the course varies depending on your progress, educational background, previous language knowledge and your planned study option.

If you already have a grade from previous sfi studies in another municipality, be prepared to show it.

When you complete a course, you are given a grade. Grades from course D will be sent to you. If you want your grades from courses A, B and C you need to contact your school.

If you have higher education, post secondary vocational education or upper secondary education, from another country, we recommend you to contact the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), for an assessment of your grades.

If you need a copy of a grade that was issued before July 1st 2016, please contact Vuxenutbildningscentrum.

You can find information about our sfi schools, what study paths they offer and where the schools are located on our Swedish website.

If you need information in other languages, please send us an email sfi@edu.stockholm.se