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This is how to register for Swedish For Immigrants (sfi).

Apply for sfi

Apply for sfi

Fill in the form to register for sfi:

Apply for sfi

or register by calling us:

Apply for sfi at a faster pace

If you are a beginner of Swedish language and have a university background you have two choices that differs in pace and extent of studies.

Meet a test educator

Once you have registered for sfi, you get to talk to a test educator in order to determine which study path and course that suits you the best. You speak in Swedish, English or in your mother tongue with the help of a relative. You may also book an interpreter at the reception or by phone.

The test educator asks you questions about

  • previous education
  • knowledge of foreign languages
  • work
  • your time in Sweden.

If you already know a bit of Swedish, the test educator will assess weather you should do a level test.

Choose a school

When the test educator has made their assessment, they'll tell you what study path and course to start at. With your chosen start level, you will be able to choose which school suits you best. Different schools offer different paths and courses.

The test educator will tell you if the school has any vacancies. If there are no vacancies, you can either wait until there is a vacancy or choose a different school. 

Start your studies

When to start your studies is an agreement between you and the test educator. The school will send an invitation before the start of the course.